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Exact, Complete, Depth – The latest advance in case analysis

Dr. Rajan Sankaran's 4-day USA Seminar

Dr. Rajan Sankaran uses multiple approaches to solve his cases,...
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Sigrid Lindemann Die Differenzierung der Tiergruppen nach Sankaran

Die Vitalempfindung - der entscheidende Schritt zum Simillimum

Die Referentin Mit ihrer einfühlsamen Art der Anamneseführung kommt sie,...
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The Eight Box Method

A 2 day National Mega Seminar in Bhopal, 7th and 8th September 2019

Highlights of the seminar: As a homoeopath, you have to...
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National Homeopathic Mega Seminar – Bangalore 2019

Sensation to Synergy and Beyond

Highlights of the seminar: This seminar will help to learn...
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Radical Homoeopathy Jaipur Seminar

A 3 day scientific convention on fundamental, contemporary and revolutionary homoeopathy

Highlights of the seminar This is a three-day Scientific Convention...
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World Class Education – The School of Homeopathy

A School with a strong heritage, world class patrons and...
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Neurology and Heart Diseases

Dr. Ramakrishnan

Neurological conditions - multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, malignant brain tumors, myasthenia...
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The Synergy in Homeopathy

Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Traditional Classical Homoeopathy, with symptoms, rubrics and keynotes has stood...
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