KEEPING YOUR SOFTWARE UP TO DATE: As the Synergy Homeopathic team is consistently improving and developing our software with improvements, staying at forefront of operating system evolution and industry developments, we want to be sure you have all the information and support you need to keep MacRepertory and Referenceworks operating at their optimum.


WINDOWS users - Windows 10 | 5 November, 2017

Customers who have the software programs already installed and then upgrade to Windows 10 have been successful without any problems. If you do experience any issues simply download and re-install the Drivers for the Copy Protection Device.

Download the latest HASP Driver

MAC users with a HASP Key – El Capitan 10.11 | December, 2015

If you have updated your system to El Capitain and are experiencing any issues using our software programs you will need to download a Driver for the HASP key that is compatible.


1) Locate Sentinel_Runtime.dmg in your downloads folder
2) Double-click on Sentinel_Runtime.dmg to open
3) Right-click (or control-click) on “Install Sentinel Runtime Environment”. You maybe prompted
that this is from an unidentified developer, please click ‘open’
4) You may need to change your security settings to allow the installer to open.
  a. Go to system Preferences
  b. Select Security and Privacy
  c. Unlock the padlock in the lower left hand corner (you will need your computer’s password)
  d. Under “Allow apps downloaded from” select ‘anywhere’
  e. The Sentinel Driver will then be able to be installed
  f. Don’t forget to restore your security settings for any future app downloads.
5) Follow the installer prompts
6) Congratulations you should now be able use your programs trouble-free again.

MAC users with MacRepertory – Auto-Update Issues | April, 2017

Users that have not updated their program from will experience an error with the latest Auto-Update (German users are excluded, this is for English users only).
You will be prompted to update with the Auto-Update and by choosing to update will see the following error: “Update Error! The update is improperly signed“.
You can update to the new version by downloading and installing the full version here. Once completed the Auto-Update feature will be available to you for all future releases.


If you also having issues or or getting error messages in your ReferenceWorks program ( and newer) click here to download and install the latest version.


If you experience any difficulties with these updates or cannot find the information you need, please get in touch with us.