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Dr. Rajan Sankaran's 4-day USA Seminar

Dr. Rajan Sankaran uses multiple approaches to solve his cases, and much depends on the predominant symptoms he sees in his patients.
His latest and most successful tool, the 8-Box Method, is one such approach used to find the most beneficial remedy and is based on the concepts of exactness, inclusivity, and harmony. He has developed other tools, most notably the Sensation and Synergy methods, and has also learned methods from many other teachers. These methods all come together to create a powerful, synergistic tool – one that consistently increases prescription accuracy. With such a multi-faceted focus, the practitioner is compelled to acknowledge all the symptoms in a case, and shortsighted mistakes are prevented.

Ultimately, the goal of every homeopath is to heal the patient. This three-dimensional approach allows for both flexibility and accuracy, and gives each symptom the weight it deserves. The more pathways that become available to us, and the more adept we become at tailoring the various methods to fit each individual, the better our chances of success – healing our patients.

Dr. Sankaran will show a variety of cases at these seminars, illustrating how he uses multiple windows during case taking and analysis in order to choose the best remedy possible. His cases will cover numerous pathologies, including autoimmune disease, and he will also present pediatric cases. Those attending will get functional and valuable information they’ll be able to use in their practices to improve consistency.

Thursday – Sunday, September 26-29, 2019
Women’s Club of Minneapolis
410 Oak Grove St
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(free parking)

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26/09/19 - 29/09/19
Minneapolis, MN, USA