Ghana Homeopathy Project (GHP)

Our charity’s main objective is the relief and prevention of disease working closely with local community developments and initiatives. Further, we support the development of homeopathic education and vocational training facilities together with local partners, in conjunction with established health workers and local practices. Our vision extends to make homeopathy available to deprived communities as a valid and affordable form of treatment and to initiate health education.

1) Based at a Primary Health Care Centre in Mafi Seva village in the Volta region of Ghana, we work in partnership with NGO AMURT Ghana, to provide integrated health care to people from over 25 villages. People who come to the clinic are offered the most appropriate treatment for their health issues and both conventional medications and homeopathic treatment are provided.

Working together with local people, AMURT Ghana have established a reservoir in the area which provides clean water to local villages, with all the attendant health benefits. Health education programmes and a midwifery centre are also based at the clinic.

The Mafi Seva Clinic and water project provides a model for integrated heath care.

2) We support in partnership a 2 year Certificate and 4 year Diploma in Homeopathy at the Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine in Kasoa, Accra. PISHAM is an independent school with it’s own Board of Directors. Volunteer teachers/lecturers and trainers travel to Ghana to offer a truly international training programme. The Diploma is issued by the Contemporary College of Homeopathy, UK. We run regular classes in homeopathy for interested health care professionals in Accra

3) Together with Ghana partner Bonsu Boaten we run the Kumasi Homeopathy Study Group. This offers combines internet and class based training programme, leading to a Certificate then and Diploma after 4 years.

4) We provide homeopathic medicines, training, books and equipment for the primary health care centre, our mobile clinics and colleges in Accra and Kumasi

5) We run a volunteer programme to support and facilitate the achievement of the project’s aims

6) We work as a team of 5 homeopaths in the UK to fundraise and manage the project, with the support of our partners in Ghana. In the UK we are: Linda Shannon, Sheila Ryan and Angelika Metzger, Lyn Clark and Jaqueline Smith

Projects like this can benefit significantly from any support you can offer.

Accra, Ghana