Homeopathy Seminars Munich

Higher Order - New Insights into Plants

Speaker – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

October 18th – 20th, 2019

Munich, Germany


Highlights of the seminar

In 2002 Dr. Rajan Sankaran published his Insights into Plants and established Sensation Method as a revolutionary upgrade to classical homeopathy. Since then he has been making sensory assessments for many homeopaths worldwide. Recently Dr. Sankaran has reverted to studying sensation in the plant kingdom. At his Munich seminar in 2018 he presented his work on sensation and subclasses for the first time. Like Yakir he uses Cronquist’s botanical system in contrast to Yakir’s developmental and psychological themes. In the subclass of Dillenniidae for example the orders of Primulales, Ericales, Cucurbitales or Capparales share sensations related to movement and change.

18/10/19 - 20/10/19
Munich, Germany