Homeopathy training with Mike Keszler

Speaker – Mike Keszler

November 16-17, 2019

in Mannheim, Germany

The practical application of Systematic Homeopathy to Sankaran, Gandhi, Yakir and the Old Masters

Extend your knowledge and ability in the application of the method in further workshops, in which the practice of homoeopathic activity – the anamnesis, analysis and process of fundraising – is clearly illustrated by means of live and video events.

Experiencing the work of the experienced homeopath, interacting with participants and lecturers, and sharing analysis and discussion make these seminars a living experience. Active participation and bringing in your own ideas and perceptions broaden your horizons and reveal your own points of view. Direct naming of what has been understood helps us to gaze into the global and to gain clarity about our own thinking processes.

Homeopathy training with Mike Keszler certified by the DZVhÄ with 16 UE and applied for CME points


16/11/19 - 17/11/19
Mannheim, Germany