The Eight Box Method

A reproducible tool to find the right remedy

Speaker – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

October 12th – 13th, 2019

Prague, Czech Republic


Highlights of the seminar

Accuracy, completeness and depth in the analysis of homeopathic cases. From Feelings to Synergy.

The eight-box method is the newest and most effective tool in homeopathic practice.  It is based on the concept of accuracy and completeness, incorporates all the tools developed so far and integrates them harmoniously to achieve the most reliable results in practice. At the seminar Dr. Rajan Sankaran will delve into finer details when taking a case and analyzing it. He will analyze in detail the idea of ​​finding the formula behind the various aspects of the case and will show how to translate this understanding into finding the right cure. He will also show the details of the case removal in several specific cases. This seminar is suitable for all students and practicing homeopaths.

12/10/19 - 13/10/19
Prague, Czech Republic