The Therapeutic Pocketbook 2nd Edition

George Dimitriadis

An improved translation of the T.F. Allen edition of Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book. The contents of this repertory most precisely reflect the observations and teachings of Hahnemann.

Dimitriadis carefully outlines Bönninghausen’s method which helps immensely to find which symptoms are crucial for remedy selection. He then presents the repertory which he has diligently corrected and rearranged to be more clear and user-friendly for clinical practice.

The original Concordances chapter (1846) has been replaced with Bönninghausen’s more recent (1853) list of remedy relationships. Finally, each of the 2,250 rubrics is numbered so that it can be referenced to the 136 pages of endnotes, for explanations and references to the original German.