WissHom Congress – 19th International Coethen Experience Exchange (ICE 19)

Multiple Presenters

November 21st to 23rd, 2019

in Köthen (Anhalt), Germany


At this seminar you will learn about how good is Homeopathic research for Humans and Animals?

Homeopathic research is of a high standard. Countless studies and many meta-analyzes confirm the success of this method.
Twenty researchers and practitioners from across the German-speaking area as well as from the Netherlands and Great Britain present their work at the congress. They show the current state of research as well as the implementation of the results in practice and give an outlook on the future of our science. Veterinary homeopathy is represented by two speakers. In one of the workshops the similarities of homeopathic research in human and veterinary medicine will be discussed and discussed.

Through this congress we wish to have an effective impact on homeopathic research and practice as well as a noticeable perception of homeopathic research in the public.

21/11/19 - 23/11/19
Schlossplatz 5 06366 Koethen (Anhalt) Germany