Our people are the beating heart of this organisation.
Drawing experts and masters from across the world, Synergy is a homeopathic community unlike any other.


David Warkentin
Founder, 1951-2010

Our founder and the inspired creator of MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks. From 1986 until he passed away, David enthusiastically designed and developed his life’s work, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. These programs have helped to expand the base of knowledge and curative capabilities of homeopaths around the world. His inexhaustible talent and creative way of thinking became the foundation for advancing research, practice and the personal development of many of homeopathy’s most respected teachers.
He continues to inspire us each and every day!

Dr. Rajan Sankaran

As President of Synergy Homeopathic, Rajan (India) continues to contribute his revolutionary theories with great effect. His overall ambition in life is to find peace within himself. Constantly exploring new concepts within homeopathy Rajan’s understanding of disease as a delusion, classification of remedy states into kingdoms and his additions to the existing miasms have made him world famous. Rajan is ultimately inspired by people who are helping others without need for praise or acknowledgement.

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Tomer Harel

Tomer (Israel) began working for KHA in 2002 as the dealer in Israel and was appointed as CEO and Chairman in 2012. When he is not managing and building the vision of Synergy he is being inspired by his children. Tomer also teaches and runs the school of classical homeopathy along with Dr. Rina Markovits.
Within Synergy, Tomer works closely with the sales directors, development team and financial department. Tomer strives to help develop the homeopathy profession further and increase public awareness.

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Linda Fraizer

As Chief Financial Officer at Synergy, Linda (California) has been taking care of the company finances since 2008. With many years experience in technical support and quality assurance for large corporate software developers, she also manages the Technical Support Team and assists customers with high-level queries.
When Linda isn’t crunching numbers and resolving technical problems, she likes to get out in nature to inspire her most brilliant ideas. Linda is a folk singer too, and she hopes to learn the guitar so she can play along to her own songs.

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Beth Niles
Director of Operations

Beth (California) has been with Synergy since January 1996 where she started out in Tech Support. In 2012 Beth was appointed Sales Director for the Americas, a position that recently morphed into Director of Operations. She describes herself as a behind-the-scenes person who is passionate about homeopathy, as well as more than a dab hand at olive oil, wine and artisanal cheese making. Beth helps make wine every year and is inspired by the culture of the table, growing ones own food and sharing a meal with friends.

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Kim Elia
Sales Director

Kim (California) co-ordinates sales, works as a go between for sales and student representatives and provides in-person and online software training. Before joining the company in 2014, his impressive credentials included being the director of the Homeopathic Academy in Japan and the founder and CEO of WholeHealthNow, as well as a homeopath and teacher. Kim is inspired by the work of Samuel Hahnemann, Boenninghausen and Henry Clay Allen and his ambition is to see homeopathy assume its deserved role as a primary system of therapeutics.

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Tracy Liston
Sales Director

Tracy (UK) is Synergy’s Sales Director for Europe, Japan, Oceania and South Africa. She supports our sales teams in these countries. During Tracy’s time at Synergy, where she has been since 2004, she has worked tirelessly to boost sales and customer support representatives considerably to provide customers with the excellent service they receive today. As well as supporting the sales representatives, she works with the other Sales Directors to constantly improve Synergy’s products, prices and customer service.

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Boaz Achilea
Sales Director

Boaz (Israel) sells programmes to Israeli customers to provide them with technical support. He also initiates promotional sales for current and new customers and assists the CEO to promote projects. Boaz practiced homeopathy for several years after graduating from the homeopathic school in Israel. He is inspired by the concept of helping people by providing them with great homeopathic tools and interacting with interesting people and ideas. His main ambition in life? To become the third Israeli player in the NBA. After growing an additional 40cm!

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Elisheva (Sheva) Szeintuch
Freelance Advisor to Development

Sheva (Germany) first made contact with Synergy at the end of the ‘90s while studying homeopathy. Now she describes herself as the one being helped by the community to keep MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks running, eliminating bugs and expounding on ideas. She loves that her two passions – homeopathy and computers – combine so perfectly in her work. Over the past 15 years she’s been teaching computer software and prescribing remedies with the help of our software. Her ambition is to help build a perfect homeopathic program.

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Bill Smith
Director of Software Development

Bill (California) is responsible for all the software engineering for Synergy, including the design and development of its flagship products. With Synergy since 1990, his background in programming and developing sophisticated consumer games and productivity tools has helped him maintain Synergy’s existing code as well as design and implement any new features required.
Bill is inspired by the concept that practicing peaceful communication and kindness can bring sanity to our troubled world.

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Hiro Nakata
Technical Support

Hiro (UK) provides technical support to our customers, processes orders and manages shipping. He joined Synergy in 2005 and also is a homeopath practicing in London. Hiro finds that inspirations come suddenly and unexpectedly and only knows it when it happens. When asked about his ambition he quotes that “someone once said ‘…There are three enemies of the psyche: vanity, ambition and untruthfulness, all of which have bad effects in daily life. However, in a spiritual movement, their effect is devastating…’ I think that I’m safe!”

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Sarah Fraizer
Technical Support

Sarah (California) joined Synergy in February, 2013 and she is kept busy providing technical support and installation assistance to our customers in America. She aspires to return to school and become a surgeon and ultimately work with integrative medicine. Sarah’s family is her motivation.

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Nathalie Olano

Since 2007 Nathalie (California) has been with Synergy; paying the bills, preparing reports and conducting all the necessary ad-hoc tasks required to keep Synergy running like a well-oiled machine. She comes from a background in software engineering and began at the company as a shipper, before transitioning into accounts. Nathalie would love to travel the world on a cruise ship, stepping foot in one country after another and she finds inspiration within her family, Friday night movies and midnight snacks with her husband.

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Karen Combs
Administrative Assistant

Karen (California) joined Synergy in the summer of 2014. She is our gatekeeper and takes care of our California office, filling and shipping orders, and providing 5-star customer service.
In the past she was an independent business owner, commercial real estate appraiser and a dog walker. Her ambition is to “do the best I can everyday at whatever I’m doing”. She finds inspiration watching Oprah’s interviews with people from Gloria Steinem, President Carter to Maya Angelou and hearing about the wonderful work they do in the world.

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Dr. Faiza Khan
H.O.P.E Coordinator

Dr. Faiza Khan (India) joined Synergy in 2013. She is involved in facilitating online webinars like WWR II and coordinating the development of H.O.P.E. She also works as a resident homeopathic doctor at ‘The Other Song’ in Mumbai, assists well-known psychiatrist and homoeopath Dr. Mahesh Gandhi and manages patients at Dr. Sankaran’s private clinic. Faiza derives her inspiration from her family and friends, which she considers as her ‘pillars of strength’. Helping patients gives her immense joy and motivation to keep working hard.

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Louise Webster
Marketing Director

Louise (Swaziland) has 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing with advertising agencies around the world. She is also a qualified homeopath working in Africa, with the vision of making homeopathy accessible to all. Louise has been working with Synergy since 2014, where she assists across all marketing strategy and development, facilitating creation of all communication materials from online to print. She is inspired by people who are passionate about what they do and her ambition in life is to be free and at peace.

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