Whether you are a student for homeopathy, a graduate or an experienced homeopath - we have the perfect solution for you!


The Academy Edition is ideal for students or those who are new to homeopathy. Our competitively priced Academy Edition has all the tools you need to get started.
This Edition will support your studies with vital resources based on highly regarded homeopathic courses from around the world.
Combining full functionality with all the essential references, you will learn to repertorize and study the materia medica with ease.


The Foundation Edition comes equipped with all the professional repertorization and research tools needed to practice homeopathy with confidence.
It’s the perfect Edition for students and those in the early stages of their career.

With a larger library at your fingertips, the Foundation Edition will help you fine-tune your understanding and application of the principles and practice of homeopathy.


This more advanced Edition comes with over 970 volumes of materia medica and repertories. Our Professional Edition harnesses both the classical and modern approach. Ideal for those practitioners looking to develop their skills and become more confident with modern methodologies. Advanced family analysis features combined with an infinite number of analysis strategies provide all the resources needed to analyze and resolve more complex cases.


Our Visionary Edition features everything we have to offer and is ideal for the contemporary practitioner who wants a greater degree of versatility, while aspiring to examine cases from a variety of perspectives. Enjoy researching and analyzing cases while referencing both the classical and modern masters.
As you delve more deeply into over 1,000 references, our Visionary Edition will inspire you to become the best, most effective homeopath you can be.

We’re confident that you’ll quickly discover that our software will become an essential part of your practice. So we’d like to offer you a free 30-day trial of the Academy Edition in order to give you plenty of time to explore all the features and see how it can help take you to new levels of expertise.


Additional Niche Editions


INTRODUCING MACREPERTORY AND REFERENCEWORKS - Our programs are just what you need them to be. Intelligent, inspiring and supportive of your individual prescribing process.


Analyze cases more dynamically and feel more confident about your prescriptions with MacRepertory.

Our repertorization tool makes it easy to quickly locate and select rubrics, analyze cases and check the materia medica.

Synergy recognizes that homeopathy is not formulaic so these programs are designed to be flexible. MacRepertory combines a classical approach to repertorization with many advanced family analysis tools which can be tailored to your individual approach.

There are an infinite number of ways you can utilize the many features of MacRepertory to aide you in your case analysis. For instance, keyword and remedy searches help you locate specific content, the Theme Palette allows you to create general themes that run through your case and all the remedy families and concepts are there to help you find the simillimum.

All the Editions are equipped with MacRepertory Professional that is offering full feature functionality. MacRepertory Professional is offering classic and advanced repertorization tools, sophisticated search and research possibilities, family analysis features and customization options.

Not only does MacRepertory benefit your prescription process and results, it also serves as a vital resource of learning, research and understanding.



ReferenceWorks is a rich and revolutionary search and analysis system based on a library of more than 1,000 volumes of materia medica. It ranges from old, rare books and journals to the latest provings and everything in between.

The beauty of this program is that you can simply search in your patient’s own words within the extensive library to instantly discover the most likely remedies for your case. You can also create super-rubrics and display the results graphically in more than 100 remedy and family graphs.

All the Editions are equipped with ReferenceWorks Professional that is offering full feature functionality. ReferenceWorks is ideal if you want a basic information tool and search options as well as all the advanced searching, expanded graphs and analysis tools you need.

ReferenceWorks is available in two versions. ReferenceWorks Classic is ideal if you want a basic information tool and search options while ReferenceWorks Professional offers you all the advanced searching, expanded graphs and analysis tools you need.

With the ‘intelligent’ search algorithms and agility of ReferenceWorks at your fingertips, solving the most complex cases couldn’t be easier.



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Barbara Seideneck

Director, Homeopathy School International (USA)
“I don’t know where I would be without MacRepertory. My work is getting good, really good and MacRepertory has helped a lot in getting me there.”


David Lilley

Founder, SA Faculty of Homeopathy (South Africa)
“Your wonderful programs MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks are both indispensable to preparing seminars and the presenting of cases. They are “Wow” You have every right to be proud of ReferenceWorks it is the richest mine of information.”


Anne Schadde

Homoepathie Forum/Academy for Homeopathy (Germany)
“These programs are by far the best ever made. The wide spectrum of possibilities to analyze, repertorize and search for the remedy is unique with MacRepertory. And it is like a miracle to get information about a remedy that is not well known yet, through ReferenceWorks. I can’t say enough about these tools”


Melissa Fairbanks

Leading homeopath, Harley Street (UK)
“The incredible new search capabilities, the seamless ability of the two programs to ‘talk’ together, the amazing visual graphics, the multiple, immediate and intuitive ability to compare families, remedies, themes are absolutely phenomenal!”