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Non English Books and Libraries


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MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks are proud to present our brand-new libraries of Professional Edition 2.0 and Visionary Edition 2.0

Professional 2.0 Edition’s Library

The Professional 1.0 / G3 library has been upgraded to a magnificent library which is called Professional 2.0 library.
After 3.5 years of continuous search for the latest gems in the homeopathic literature we have collected some of the finest titles available. Our only aim – to Improve your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks libraries so you can prescribe at your best!

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Visionary 2.0 Edition’s Library

Dive into the Oceans Depths of the Homeopathic Knowledge!
Our Visionary Edition’s library has been upgraded extensively and we are now including (almost) everything Synergy Homeopathic has to offer.
By upgrading to the Visionary Edition 2.0 your programs’ libraries will be expanded to the maximum!

Price: $3,299 / €2,774 / ₤2,468

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Introduction to the New Libraries of MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks

Botanical Repertory – Michal Yakir

Developed by former botanist and models ecologist, Michal Yakir, this revolutionary new repertory utilizes the developmental order found in nature and the homeopathic implications of this dynamic natural order as it relates to the plant kingdom.

By investigating this relationship over many decades, Dr. Yakir’s understanding evolved gradually like the pieces of a puzzle. Clinical observation, late-night studies of materia medica, provings, new homeopathic ideas and conversation with colleagues were synthesized into a comprehensive model incorporating homeopathic, botanical, psychological, Kabbalistic and Jungian ideas.

The Repertory presents a botanical Remedy list, arranged by a systematical evolutionary order of Families and Orders (according to Cronquist systematics).

Every row, column can be taken as a rubric, where Remedies as well as whole Families and Orders are added here.

Besides rows and columns and Families, the repertory presents the themes that can be identified throughout the Table of Plants.

Remedies as well as whole groups (Orders/ Families/ Columns/Rows) are added to these rubrics.

The rubrics can be used to limit or add to any Repertory Graph or as stand alone repertory.

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Michal Yakir

Michal Yakir

Q-Rep: Repertory of Mental Qualities by Jeremy Sherr and Raphael Neu (NEW 2017 version)

We are proud and happy to present a new version of the Q-Rep for 2017. Jeremy and his team have added 3 new rubrics which we are already proving very useful: ‘Birds and Flying,’ ‘Fear disease,’ and ‘Judgmental’.

The Q-Rep simplifies repertorization with easy to choose rubrics. There is no need to combine rubrics or do materia medica searches; everything is there and already done for you.

Jeremy and Raphael have combed meticulously all the repertories, materia medicas and the very latest provings and cases to compile a complete selection of rubrics that are required in daily practice.

Using modern terminology such as ‘big ego, control, carers and helpers, guilt, self-esteem, perfectionist’, you can feel confident that the right remedy for your patient is contained in your chosen rubrics.

Small remedies and new provings can now be used with unprecedented accuracy and reliability with each entry verified against its original source.

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View this video presentation with Jeremy Sherr and understand how to use the Q-Repertory effectively in your practice.

Boenninghausen Innominate (1846) Repertory

The Boenninghausen’s Innominate is a translation from German of the 1st edition of the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Clemens Maria Franz von Boenninghausen 1846.

The addition of the word “innominate” in the title means the translator is unknown.

The original translation included mistakes, some corrected by the author in later editions as well as some translation mistakes, therefore imperfect compared to the scholarly version by George Dimitriadis ($325) who used this this version as the basis for The Therapeutic Pocketbook, 2nd Edition (TBR2).

Our copy is by a translator that chose to remain anonymous and has not been edited or corrected from the original.

The book, designed to be used with MacRepertory, has two parts, a repertory with 7 sections and a keynote file.

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picrture finals-30

Clemens Maria Franz von Boenninghausen

Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook 2nd Edition translated by George Dimitriadis

Synergy Homeopathic is pleased to make available the completely revised and re-translated ‘Therapeutic Pocketbook 2nd edition’. Long known as, the most faithful index of Hahnemann’s materia medicas. The Therapeutic Pocketbook gives you direct citations to the most reliable drug provings ever conducted!

Comprehensive and meticulous – George Dimitradis’ English translation of The Therapeutic Pocketbook has been seamlessly integrated into MacRepertory in its totality. In addition to receiving the complete repertory with the invaluable endnotes, you also receive the prologue and other important introductory texts. Our team of programmers and consultants have worked for over a year to ensure that the electronic version of The Therapeutic Pocketbook 2nd Edition in MacRepertory is completely faithful to the printed version of this essential work.

George Dimitriadis, inspired by his own success with The Therapeutic Pocketbook, has tirelessly re-constructed an accurate translation, re-organized for easier use, incorporated updated remedy relationships from Bönninghausen, and included a full glossary of rubric definitions and analyses. The result is the most reliable homeopathic repertory in existence. The Therapeutic Pocketbook is guaranteed to provide you with greater success in your practice!

Add this essential work to your MacRepertory now.

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To understand how and why The Therapeutic Pocketbook will be of great value to your practice take the time to view this video presentation by Kim Elia.