The New Visionary 2.0 Edition is Live!

Dive into the Oceans Depths of the Homeopathic Knowledge
Upgrade to the New Visionary Edition 2.0

The New Visionary Edition 2.0

After 3.5 years of continuous search for the latest gems in the homeopathic literature we have collected some of the finest titles available. Our only aim – to Improve your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks libraries so you can prescribe at your best!


By upgrading to the Visionary Edition 2.0 your programs' libraries
will be expanded to the maximum:


You will be getting the new Yakir’s Botanical Repertory and an upgrade to the latest Complete 2018 Repertory.


150 New volumes will be added to your ReferenceWorks library, including 99 new provings,
214 new cured cases, 38 new Materia Medica, philosophy and different approaches volumes
as well as 8 repertory extractions.
From Kulkarni’s Law of Similars and Posology, Matheson Women’s Diseases, Hatherly’s Milk Matters
and Fontaine’s 1 Heart 1 Mind & Fontaine’s Homeopathy
to Boericke’s Vet Med, Borkar’s Pathology
Factor, Kaminer’s Constrictors, Saine MMPP – Group Preview and Sarkar’s Just You See

We have also included Tumminello’s Gem Remedies and Tumminello’s Provings as well as a sample
of 33 remedies from each of Vermeulen’s Source & Substance and Vermeulen’s Vista Vintage
incredible books, just to make it even more interesting for you!
And to enhance the depth of the knowledge, we’ve included Mangialavori’s 5 new books: Additions,
Praxis I & Praxis II, Solanaceae and Spiders
as well as Alex’s Lyme Disease, Hatherly’s The Lacs and
Lacs Repertory
The new Visionary 2.0 library is also enriched by other excellent materials, such as Herrick & Morrison
– Miasms, Herrick’s Sacred Plants, Joshi’s Periodic Table, Pitt’s Comparative MM, Jeremy Sherr’s Dynamic
Provings II & Methodology
, an additional 7
volumes by Rajan Sankaran – Plants I, II and III, Molluscs, Refined Sensation, Reptiles I & II and Structure,
and many, many more!
And at the last minute we were able to get Vithoulkas’ Palladium article into this fantastic new library!

Upgrading to the Visionary 2.0 Edition will gain you access to a total of 1,018 volumes in your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks programs!

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