David Warkentin


David Kent Warkentin was born on Monday, August 20th, 1951, in Atherton, near San Francisco, California, USA.

David’s homeopathic education was primarily comprised of participating in three decades of seminars and homeopathic studies with notable teachers such as George Vithoulkas and Dr. Francisco Eizayaga, culminating in an honorary doctorate from the Homeopathic British Institute.

From 1976 until 1995 David had a private homeopathic practice in California and helped co-found the Hahnemann Medical Clinic in Berkeley, CA. which still operates until today.

From 1986 until he passed away, David enthusiastically designed and developed his life’s work, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. These programs have helped to expand the base of knowledge and curative capabilities of homeopaths around the world.


David’s vision in creating these programs led to a revolution in thinking and practicing modern homeopathy. His capacity to distill so many philosophical ideas and their application into these finely crafted tools inspired homeopaths worldwide. His inexhaustible talent and creative way of thinking became the foundation for advancing research, practice and the professional development of many of homeopathy’s most respected teachers such as: Massimo Mangialavori, Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Bill Gray, Roger Morrison, Jeremy Sherr, Roger van Zandvoort (the creator of the Complete Repertory), Vega Rozenberg, Frans Vermeulen, Louise Klein, Alize Timmerman and many more.

David lectured in almost every homeopathic school in the United States and taught in dozens of schools worldwide. He won several prizes, including the prestigious prize named after Henry N. Williams awarded “for developing the homeopathic profession, teaching and devotion for the homeopathic community” from the National Center of Homeopathy (NCH).

During his professional career David was considered one of the most cherished and beloved teachers in his field. He was continuously expanding the curative scope of homeopathy with his passion, integrity and devotion to improving outcomes using his creations. He called upon other leaders in the profession to advise and contribute their material and ideas. He never stopped investigating and exploring innovative ways to improve upon the programs.

David W 2

During his life, David visited many countries where he befriended homeopaths and enjoyed deep and abiding relationships with many of them.

Besides homeopathy, David loved photography and led many kayaking and rafting trips on the rivers of the world. He was considered a talented river guide. He particularly liked to spend time on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

In early July, 2010 David was diagnosed with Melanoma at a stage where many tumors had already overwhelmed his entire body. Homeopaths from all around the world and many of his close friends prayed for him and surrounded him with love and warmth. On Thursday, September 9th, 2010, David passed away.

We shall remember him as a beloved and dear friend, generous, open minded, talented, creative, modest and kind.


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