At the low cost of only $65, our 9-month Academy Edition is ideal for new students or those in training who are not yet ready to buy the more comprehensive Editions.

Exploring the Academy Edition is an excellent way to become familiar with MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, so that you can easily navigate one of the larger Editions when you’re ready. The Academy Edition has all the essential tools you'll need to get started in your studies, including vital resources from the old masters as well as Murphy’s III Repertory and Sherr’s Q Repertory. Synergy provides many training opportunities to learn the programs, and you'll also receive free technical support if you need help with installation or have any technical issues. We’ll make your Academy Edition experience a positive one from start to finish!

Mac Users: Read this information before purchasing!

The current Academy Edition will not work on macOS Catalina, but if you have an older operating system your computer will have no problem running this program. We have a new student program coming out very soon that will be compatible with macOS Catalina. If you choose to buy the old program now, you can choose to either stay with The Academy program and not upgrade your OS to Catalina for the duration of the program, or upgrade to our new student program for free when it’s launched. If you upgrade, we will give you the equivalent number of months left on your license. The second option will allow you to upgrade your macOS as well


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Synergy is unable to issue any cancellations, refunds or returns for the 9 month license of Academy Edition.
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MacRepertory Professional and Academy Library
7 repertories and 8 Materia Medica
ReferenceWorks Professional and Academy Library
45 volumes
And the Philosophy Collection PDF - FREE


To fully appreciate all the reference that comes with the Academy Edition click and view the complete Academy library list for both MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.



Maximum functionality and references for the minimum price. Plus you can use the full purchase price towards an upgrade to one of our more advanced Editions.

Essential tools and resource

Core functionality combined with essential analysis tools and references. Learn to repertorize and study materia medica with ease.

Immediately accessible

You can download the Academy Edition immediately and get started.

Free tutorials

Access to tutorials on this website to help you master the software.


The Academy Edition is an excellent way to graduate from repertorization with books into repertorization using homeopathic software. Our intuitive programs, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, have full functionality in all our Editions, including Academy. You will have quick access to a vast number of reference materials for only $65, and finding the right remedy for your patients will take a fraction of the time it used to.

  • Find words or remedies in repertory or material medica
  • Combine remedy and word searches
  • Combine rubrics
  • Theme Palette and Analysis
  • Graph and search for concepts
  • Make changes to the repertory
  • Reduce additions from specific authors
  • Specify relationship between searched words
  • Create comprehensive rubrics
  • Limit searches to specific remedies, books or sections
  • Bookmark passages in libraries
  • Display word definitions in word finder tool
  • Set importance of specific authors
Both Programs