Synergy Homeopathic Software

A transformative, state-of-the-art program for all your homeopathic needs

Single Platform – fast, reliable, intuitive

MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks have been integrated into a single interface! You no longer have to import or export rubrics or searches. All your work exists on the same screen with access to all the relevant information at your fingertips. And you no longer have to learn two programs!
Also, the new program features fresh contemporary graphics and an innovative design that makes it easier and more intuitive to use, and it is compatible with macOS Catalina.
(The new program is compatible with macOS 10.7 and later / Windows OS 8.1 and later)

Reliable Repertory

The Reliable Repertory, which will be the cornerstone of Synergy Homeopathic Software, has been streamlined to include only those remedies that come from original materia medica sources. Eight years of diligent research has ensured that the Reliable Repertory’s rubrics are authentic and accurate, and many of the sources can be confirmed through the Reference String feature of SHS. Sources come from 846 authors and we’re sure that you will quickly discover that this brand new repertory is indispensable.
If you upgrade during the pre-release sale period, you will receive this amazing repertory at no extra cost!

New Materials

Synergy Homeopathic Software has many new titles, including Jahr’s Clinical Guide and Pocket Repertory for the Treatment of Acute & Chronic Disease, Blackwood’s Disease of the Lungs, The Organon Journal, The International Hahnemannian Association Transactions, and The Homeopathic Physician (to name a few). SHS customers will automatically get some of the titles at no cost, and others can be added to current libraries individually or in bundles. You’ll no longer have to upgrade to an entire new library to get the materials you want for your program. And every book in your library can be accessed at all times – including searches conducted in the Expert Systems.

Easy Differential Diagnosis

Easily compare the Materia medica of two remedies in the same or in different books, by looking at them side-by-side. You’ll also have the option of multiple tabs, so that you can conduct multiple searches at one time.

Expert Systems from your favorite teachers

Synergy Homeopathic Software will have expert systems that you can add to your program. These will allow you to solve your cases according to your preferred methodology. Vital Quest, which follows Sankaran’s Sensation methodology, is one such system. Additional modules, planned for future releases, are the Böenninghausen Expert System, the Massimo Mangialavori Expert System…and others!

Mobility! Mobility! Mobility!

Finally! The ability to work on your case anywhere – the beach, a park, on the train, at the gym—is coming soon after the first release. Accessibility will be guaranteed any time, on any device (laptop, smartphone, or tablet), and anywhere there’s an internet connection. Additionally, you’ll have the same contemporary design and intuitive navigation found on the desktop version. You’ll be able to add this feature to your licensed program for a minimal cost.

Empowering Homeopaths

Coming soon: Synergy Homeopathic Software will empower homeopaths by providing mentorship, guidance and support in the form of:
• One-on-one mentorship.
• Guidance solving difficult cases.
• Tutorials and seminars.
• Connection to an online homeopathic community.

The choice to upgrade is yours!

As long as you do not upgrade to macOS Catalina this Fall, your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks programs will continue working on all computers/systems previously used. But please keep in mind: We are not adapting MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks for newer operating systems (macOS Catalina, Windows 11, etc.). We will continue to offer you free technical support on your programs for at least a year after Synergy Homeopathic Software is released, but we cannot control program issues that are related to big changes coming from Microsoft or Apple regarding your current operating system.
Technology is fluid and never stops changing, and we have to change with it to keep pace. Apple is ending their Support for 32-bit apps in future operating systems, and this change affects our trusted friends, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. They will not run on an Apple operating system newer than Mojave.
Apps that are created to work with 64-bit allow faster, more efficient system performance and are generally safer from Cyber-attacks. In order to keep our wonderful homeopathic software up-to-date, we had to change too. The result is a new program that will continue to help homeopaths for many years to come!
Again, the decision to update or not is yours to make. As long as Apple and Microsoft continue to support their older operating systems, you can continue to use MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.
[NOTE: Synergy Homeopathic Software (SHS) will work on macOS 10.7 and higher, and Windows 8.1 and higher]

Don’t lose this opportunity to own the most advanced and professional homeopathic software available today!

The Foundation Edition $1,999
The Professional Edition $3,999
The Visionary Edition $6,299
The Veterinary Edition $3,499
Vital Quest Module in SHS $1200

Upgrade MR/RW to SHS $900
(prices vary depending on your version, your library, and whether or not you have both MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks)

Upgrade VQ5 in SHS $300
(prices vary if you have VitalQuest versions 1 – 4; also, Sankaran’s books are an additional cost)