MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks present our Veterinary Edition.
Combining the power and simplicity of the Professional Edition with tailored resources specifically designed to meet the needs of the homeopathic vet.

This Edition features the New World Veterinary Repertory 2nd Edition by Richard Pitcairn DVM and Wendy Jensen DVM.

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MacRepertory Professional and Veterinary Library
11 repertories and 31 Materia Medica
ReferenceWorks Professional and Foundation Library
330 volumes
And the Philosophy Collection PDF - FREE


To fully appreciate all the reference that comes with the Veterinary Edition click and view the complete Veterinary library list for both MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.


New World Veterinary Repertory

A carefully constructed repertory, designed for homeopathic veterinarians. Richard Pitcairn and Wendy Jensen bring their knowledge of animal conditions and the most useful rubrics to this unparalleled reference work.


Create strategies that work best for your cases, design your own custom graphs and make new families of remedies to focus your prescribing. You can also choose your own background colors, fonts and repertory icons.

Expanded analysis tools

You can analyze more complex cases with ease by making use of the 1,300 homeopathic ‘families’ or apply an infinite number of strategies. See the big picture while staying true to the uniqueness of each patient.


All the essential analysis features and capabilities for repertorizing and remedy confirmation you need, with the added benefit of many more analysis tools to greatly enhance your ability to differentiate remedies and identify the simillimum.

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Our Veterinary Edition combines a solid, classical approach to repertorization with dozens of inspirational features. You’ll immediately find you are prescribing more accurately.

  • Find words or remedies in repertory or material medica
  • Combine remedy and word searches
  • Combine rubrics
  • Theme Palette and Analysis
  • Graph and search for concepts
  • Make changes to the repertory
  • Reduce additions from specific authors
  • Specify relationship between searched words
  • Create comprehensive rubrics
  • Limit searches to specific remedies, books or sections
  • Bookmark passages in libraries
  • Display word definitions in word finder tool
  • Set importance of specific authors
Both Programs
  • Create custom limits in every window
  • Create new analysis strategies
  • Design your own graphs
  • Analyze by family groups
  • Explore and analyze 100+ family graphs
  • Define your own family groups
  • Full interaction between MacRepertory and Reference Works
  • Customize backgrounds, repertory icons and design
  • Add your own materials, notes and books to the library